About All of Us

Spanning Four Generations

      My grandmother taught me at a very young age that health can be achieved in the home by befriending nature and using the bounty and gifts she gives us. My mother furthered these teachings in the kitchen by emphasizing the importance of taking notes of what works and what doesn't, in both culinary pursuits and otherwise. Many lotions, potions, oils and more have been born from the wisdom these great women imparted to me and my young. This wisdom was coupled with tireless research to understand what makes different things from nature "work" the way they do. My daughter has been my partner in discovery and formulation, as well as one of the biggest cheerleaders when things went right...and wrong. From this plethora of experience, wisdom, heart-felt efforts and knowledge, we bring you the fruits of our labors. This includes stories, information, recipes and a few of our own unique products, and those of trusted friends. We hope you find them useful. Bright Blessings.


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