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     Stacey Adams is a well-trained Massage Therapist who takes a holistic approach in assisting people out of pain, and into relaxation. Whether from injuries, postural distortions or chronic disorders, she feels therapeutic massage leads to a happier and healthier life. Her passion for helping others this way began with her own personal health battles.
At age 12 Stacey was diagnosed with a difficult form of scoliosis. After trying braces and generic exercises in attempt to control the rampant spinal curvature, doctors determined she should have a very extreme form of surgery that would have bound a third of her spine into a solid mass. She opted not to take this approach.
"They told me if I didn't get the surgery I might be relegated to a wheel-chair by my 40's, but the weight of the fusion would eventually wear out my sacrum which would put me there, anyways. I decided there had to be another way." And there was.
She began proactive use of postural monitoring, massage, energy work, supplementation, yoga and meditation. Stacey found she could not only live with an extreme spinal disorder, but also thrive. After several years of studying alternative methods of healing for personal use with family and friends, she took her act on the road.
After moving to Florida from Wisconsin in 2007, she embarked on her official healing career. She became certified in Massage Therapy at the Heritage Institute of Fort Myers. She has become proficient in various modalities and techniques. Her favorites include Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue work and Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches. In September of 2012, she traveled to Europe to study at the International Facial Research Summit to hone her craft further. She also has incorporated energy work into her practice by becoming a Level 3 Reiki Master and student of other modalities of Energy Medicine.
"It is important to align the mind, body and spirit properly to attain true health. Having one without the other is like only having a guitar in a 3-piece band." To further this way of thinking, Stacey also formulates her own natural blends of herbs and essential oils to enhance the healing process of her clients. "Every person is unique, and needs his or her own formula to attain and maintain optimum well-being in this world. This works both from the Inside-out, and the Outside-in." Stacey wishes to share a warm welcome to all, no matter what part of life's journey each person is on.

"We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible."
                                                                               - Vince Lombardi

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