Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Five "Must Have" Essential Oils for the (Very) Cold and Flu Season - PART 2


      Greetings! In the last post we discussed :
Five "Must Have" Essential Oils for the (Very) Cold and Flu Season - PART 1

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      In this post, we will continue on with HOW to use the aforementioned germ-busting essential oils to help get everyone through the (Very) Cold and Flu Season. (Again, Southern hemispherians, please bookmark this for later.) The first thing to share is a good mix of the ingredients in a usable form. Pure, therapeutic grade oils are very concentrated and very potent alone. It usually behooves the user to at least mix with a carrier oil with most essential oils to avoid irritation of the skin, and in some super-sensitive peeps, the respiratory system. This especially holds true if the respiratory system is already inflamed fighting off the germs we are trying to eradicate. To err on the side of caution, this is a recipe that is potent, but generally user friendly. *

First, the recipe:

                                                "General Germ Control Potion"

     5 mL equals approximately 100 drops from most therapeutic oil reducer caps. That being said, 1 mL = approximately 20 drops. Any questions, just drop a line below in the comments. We will help. :)

     1 mL Clove essential oil

     2 mL Cinnamon essential oil true (True cinnamon essential oil, by bark or by leaf, comes from a variety called Cinnamomum zeylanicum, or, Cinnamomum verum. Not cassia.) 

     2mL Lemon essential oil

     2 mL Eucalyptus essential oil (Globulus species is more than fine.)

     2 mL Rosemary essential oil

     15 mL carrier oil (This is roughly about 1 full Tablespoon or 1/2 oz. Carrier oils that serve well include jojoba, sunflower, grapeseed and even olive oil. Let your nose and the feel guide you.) :)

     Mix all the ingredients together into a capped container and shake well before each application. Different oils have different weights that can separate over time.

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We are Here for You, and All Ears to Your Needs! :)


- Rub a few drops between both hands and inhale deeply. (Be sure to wash hands before touching anything else.)

- Sprinkle a few drops on a bandanna or handkerchief and wear around the neck. You can also soak a few drops into a clay bead and wear as a necklace, too.

- Massage a few drops onto the chest and around the neck. (Check for skin sensitivity, first. This potion can always be diluted further for skin application with carrier oil.)

- Put a few drops on a cotton ball and place in front of an air vent.

- Put mix in a spritzer and further dilute with water or alcohol. Shake well and use as a room spray. If water is used, shake a little more vigorously as the oils will separate from the water. The main goal is to use the water or alcohol as a propellant. (Keep away from any flammables including candles.)

 - Put a few drops on a damp rag and throw in clothes dryer with a load of clothes or linens.

- Diffuse in a warm or cold oil diffuser. (Follow the instructions of your diffuser of choice.)

-Mix 10 to 20 drops in a 1/4 cup of bath salts and dissolve under the running faucet of a bath and soak.

    We hope this helps to prevent germs from getting in your way of this Cold and Flu season. If you have any questions or comments, we are always open to what you have to say or add!

    Bright Blessings to healthy and happy (albeit long) winter. :)

     * As with any natural remedy, it is always highly advisable to discuss any additions to your health-care regime with a qualified heal-care practitioner. Not meant to treat or diagnose. Always test on a small patch of skin to check for sensitivity. Do not use if irritation occurs. It is advised to not be used by epileptics and pregnant women unless given the okay by a physician. Children and animals should also gain the appropriate okay by a tending physician or veterinarian.

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