Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Chardash" - Introduction

              - A Chronicle of Cancer, Senility and Illness

          (and all Western Medicine Had To Say About It)

Image brought to you by WikiCommons, Artist: Laslo Varga

          Hello. Some people who are familiar with my posts may wonder why I have fallen off the face of the planet for awhile now. In the next few weeks, months, and hopefully...years, I will be sharing with you the full story. It is beautiful and poignant, tragic and heart-wrenching, but most of all, true.
         The names and places will have to be changed for legal reasons, (although in some cases I do not understand why. I feel some should burn publicly for what they have done.) Nevertheless, may these pieces be a source of information and inspiration for dealing with the good, bad and ugly of cancer, dealing with a failing, aged family member, and navigating the nefarious, thorn-stuffed labyrinth of the our modern medical system.
                                              First about the title chosen:

         "Chardash" is the phoenetic way of saying "czardas", also spelled "Csardas"

          According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, Hungarian Csárdás is the national dance of Hungary. It is a "courting dance for couples, it begins with a slow section (lassu), followed by an exhilarating fast section (friss). The individual dancers carry themselves proudly and improvise on a simple fundamental step, their feet snapping inward and outward, the couples whirling. The music, often played by a Gypsy orchestra, is in 2/4 or 4/4 time with compelling, syncopated rhythms." In honor of my family, may the up and coming excerpts for "Chardash" teach you the steps and rhythms.

                                       Bright Blessings to you all. :) More to Come.

P.S. - The person fighting cancer is NOT the same person suffering from dementia. Please be advised.

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