Friday, May 9, 2014

Medicare and United Healthcare Not Covering Cancer

Apparently, by bringing you this very real information, I pissed off the "powers that be". So I bring it to you again...typed out long hand....

         Next post on "Chardash" is still coming. I am wrapping my brain around what I am being told to keep my mom alive.

       Here is what I have been told, so far, by Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa:

      "As of January 1st, this year (2014), Medicare Plans funded by United Healthcare are no longer considered "In-network". IF your plan ALLOWS for "Out-of network" coverage, please be advised the "out-of-pocket" costs will reflect accordingly. (As in, affordable by Rockefeller.) We also do NOT do surgery on patients with metasticized cancer. (Funny, because they did full-on with a pancreatic cancer patient I treat that lost half of his inner-organs prior to 2014.) Sorry for the inconvenience."

      Sloan-Kettering in New York ALSO now states online that United Healthcare funded Medicare Plans are NOW considered "Out-of-network".

                                    If you are on Medicare, check your plans, folks.

P.S. - The person suffering Dementia I was referring to in the intro to "Chardash" is NOT my mom, rather a 94-year-old grandmother that we are caring for while my mom fights for her life. Please make a note of it. And please know, this may very well be your story someday, too.

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