Friday, May 9, 2014

Medicare and United Healthcare Not Covering Cancer

      Next post on Chardash still coming. Am wrapping my brain around what I'm being told to keep my mom alive.
      Here is what I've been told so far by Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa: "As of January 1st this year, Medicare Plans funded by United Healthcare are no longer considered "in-network". IF your plan ALLOWS for out of network coverage, please be advised the out-of pocket costs will reflect accordingly. (As in, affordable by Rockefeller.) We also do not do surgery on patients with metaticized cancer. Sorry for the inconvenience."
       Sloan-Kettering in New York ALSO states online that United Healthcare funded Medicare plans are NOW considered "out-of-network."

                                   If you are on Medicare, check your plans, folks.

P.S. - The person suffering Dementia I was referring to in "Chardash" is NOT my mom, rather a 94 year-old grandmother that we are caring for while mom fights for her life. Please make a note of it.

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