Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thyroid Battery Part 1 - A Day at the Endocrinologist Office

Hi all. For those who are wondering, Mom has had some great news contrary to the former prognosis from her VERY former doctor that she only has 60 days to live. It is still going to be a long battle as she is going to have to undergo chemo to try and get the tumors on her colon to back off, but her spirit is bright, her body is strong and she is already making plans for going back to work in fall. I will give you ALL the details in the upcoming tale of "Chardash". We have had many hours of solitude travelling back and forth out of town for her treatments, waiting areas, chemo treatment and just chilling together at her house while I make her comfy. :)

Meanwhile, I have been battling a problem of my own that NEEDS to be spoken about. (I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.)

Ten years ago,  I started feeling very strange, like I was walking in a fog. My heart would intermittently race and feel like it was pounding to get out of my chest. Nothing I did ever set these episodes off. I could be working, playing with my young daughter, reading, watching TV or even sleeping. My face also started to break out while the rest of my skin stayed painfully dry. I was having a hard time focusing on anything, and slept every chance I could get because I was totally exhausted.

 My garden and work-outs went to hell, and it took every ounce of energy to pull myself out of bed to go to work. The only thing that gave me solace was my young daughter cajoling me into playing, coloring, reading stories and watching endless loops of Zooboomafu, Animal Documentaries, Disney Films and Powder Puff Girls. (She snuggled right into me and spent many a night snoring with me on the couch.)

 The heart thing and brain "fog" was starting to scare the heck out of me. I went to see the doctor. After blood panels were done, they assured me they were within "normal levels" and it was probably "hormonal" and "stress-related." Feeling dejected, I went about my work and young motherhood desperately trying to focus. I could get past the feeling of being sick and tired. The thing that would not let me ignore it was the heart palpitations. I worried constantly about keeling over while driving or sitting at home with my daughter. What if I died? What would she do????

I got a flyer in the mail one day for Life-line Screening, which is a low cost way to check the health of your heart, arteries and veins, and a host of other things that could lead to a heart-attack or stroke, which is what I felt like I was having at the worst "episodes". I gave it a try. Thank goodness I did.

More to come.

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