Friday, October 11, 2013

Pressing Against the Finish Line


     I am a formulator. I take therapeutic products and assemble them to meet the needs of each client. It may be an aromatherapy blend to work on the limbic system, a topical analgesic that assists in healing from an injury, or even a formula to help keep the "vermin" away as we head into the cold and flu season. I have one pet project I have been working on for awhile that is very, very close to being released; so close. The frustration comes when trying to mix a new base into a particular "potion" that is not only "Organic" but "Vegan", I get separation in the formulation. Here I thought I was doing something so "cool", and it has me up pulling out my hair out well past bed-time.
    How many times have you thought you were "doing the right thing", only to have it come back and smack you in the face? It would appear that, sometimes, it is in everyone's best interest to give up a personal goal when it is doing no good for anyone, and separates you from the "greater good." On the flip-side of that notion, however, comes the stuff that "Aha!" moments are made of. By forging forward in the face of adversity, when you can see, smell and taste the goal close-by,  this brings out the best in us...even if some hair is lost in the process.
    I once heard a motivational speaker say "Quitters never Win, and Winners Never Quit." It may be you are crawling toward the finishing goal of 10 more stubborn pounds to go. You might have one more physical therapy session to go through that painfully strengthens that pesky rotator cuff. You might be on day 7 of the 21 days it takes to form a new habit in your life. Keep going. You are almost there. :)

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