Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trauma Need Not Rule The Day

                                               "The Rapist" - by Stacey Adams

                                               You loom in railway dales
                                        Slick in movement; slouch of stature.
                                          You barrel though that dirty snow
                                              Smiling that same, sick grin
                            Never caring for which way is out, or which way is in.

                                                         (True story.)
        So many people deal with pain that manifests in the spirit, mind, and eventually, the body. It is important to remember, that your suffering does not need to rule your future. Each person is a beautiful, sentient being that deserves to be here. Even if an oppressive force threatens happiness, it is ultimately up to you how the transgression of something or someone outside yourself is to be dealt with. No body or thing should ever be given that kind of power of you. Ever. Traumas are horrible. They need to be dealt with. They test our mettle and threaten to remove ourselves from the bright beings we are supposed to be. Check your trauma at the door. Make a promise to yourself that you are committed to healing, then work with it. Even if you need to call in the help of others, work with it. You deserve to be happy. Let it be so.

Bright Blessings, and Healing that brings Happiness. Here for you. :)

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