Saturday, October 5, 2013

Treating Symptoms vs Healing


       That  is me in the picture up above. I have degenerative disc disease and a wicked form of scoliosis in my spine. I was told when I was young I wouldn't be walking in my 40's if I didn't have surgery. Not only am I still walking, but I am living a productive, happy and healthy life. It has inspired me to share with others how I did it, and how others can take control of their own healing, as well. This is done by listening to your body, mind and soul as a whole.
       We are more than just a sum of body parts; much more. Our diseases and ailments are not defined by the symptoms. These are just side-effects of something that isn't working right within ourselves, and needs to be healed. The current "Western" mentality has us reaching for a scalpel or pill when we start to fall ill, or feel pain, rather than work with the dynamic healing machines our holistic selves actually are. This is not to say that our Allopathic doctors of the West are all to be "fired".
        There are many great leaps and bounds Allopathic medicine has made in the name of Science that helps us heal when something goes way out of balance. Reconstructive surgeries and prosthetics, organ replacements and repair are just a few examples of this. The problem arises when treating symptoms takes precedence over getting to the root of the problem, and creates more and more symptoms to be dealt with.
       There are other bodies of "alternative"healing knowledge that have been around for 1,000's of years that are still adhered to, and for good reason. Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine are a couple of examples. In these forms of practice, the doctor considered to be the LEAST successful is the one with the MOST patients. Why? The answer is because the physician's prime job in this case is to PREVENT the illness from manifesting in the first place. This takes keen observation, intuition and skill.
        Alternative physicians worth their weight in gold are pro-active to re-establish ease to whatever part of the person has become distressed. (Disease in this sense should be spelled as Dis-ease of the whole system.)
They get to the source and try to use substances from the earth that are not foreign to the human system to re-attain balance and ease. Makes sense, doesn't it? Think about the long, ambling speeches on synthetic drug commercials you see on TV about potential dangerous side-effects. Often times, they even mention death! Why? The answer is they are not natural to what we are made of.
       Many pharmaceutical companies try very hard to replicate naturally occurring healing compounds found in plants, whole foods and even some forms of earth. (Aspirin is one of the oldest forms of a "success" stories of this process of the pharmaceutical companies. Salycilic acid is a naturally occuring substance rendered by the white willow tree.)  The "old" ways suddenly have gained a great deal of attention from synthetic drug-makers. It provides some pretty stiff competition, without all the negative side-effects. (It even has a few of them with big investors getting a little "nasty".) I am here to provide you with options to think about. Talk about them with your doctor if you are currently under one's care. Just know, you have choices. I look forward to sharing some with you on future posts. And please feel free to share your thoughts, as well.

      I honor the light that dwells in you, as it does in me. Have a healthy, happy day! :)


  1. Stacy, Since genetics only work in one direction, I can see where your daughter gets her talents (although I do know about her secret post editor - shh!).

    1. Lol! Thank you so much David. Yes. I do help Dallas with her dyslexia as her "silent" patron and editor. Truth be told, however, she has raw talent that puts me in awe every time I work with her. ;) Bright blessings to you, dear sir! :)

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    1. Thank you so much Rea! If you have specific topics you would like to see discussed, please feel free to share. We are here for you. :)


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