Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Ounce of Prevention Equals a Pound of Cure


    "Achoo! Achoo! Achoooo!!!" sounded my daughter from her room a few nights ago. My mom antennae went straight up with the sounds. I cautiously approached the disheveled hovel my off-spring seems to take pleasure dwelling in (much to my chagrin).
     "Are you getting sick?" I asked with furrowed eyebrows. Now, my daughter is not a baby. She is a full-grown teen with a very, strong head on her shoulders. She knows full well there is a protocol of pro-active measures to be taken when illness appears to be manifesting. There are specific actions to be taken and a pantry of "lotions, potions, oils and more" used for fending off vermin that threaten. (I am a formulator, as some of you know.)
     "No! I am fine!" she quips. "I just got dust up my nose, or something." I  hesitantly saunter away, hoping she has the good sense to take action if she needs to. Three days later, she is lying in bed with a 102 degree temperature and a grocery bag filled with snot rags.

Enter here a very long Lurch-like groan :

      As the cold and flu season is upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that if your body is telling you something, please listen before the illness manifests. There are a wide variety of means to prevention available. Zinc lozenges have been shown on a molecular level to strip a virus of its protective membrane before it can reproduce. The herb Echinacea (from the purple cone-flower) has been scientifically proven to bolster the immune system and fight off inflammation and viral and bacterial infection at its first signs of appearance. The efficacy of Echinacea is bolstered tremendously when couple with the root of the herb Goldenseal. (Note: Goldenseal should ONLY be used in conjunction with the first 7 days of cold or flu symptoms, or else it loses its effect.) Vitamin C has been shown in a plethora of studies to protect against infection and bolster the immune system along with over 300 other healthy metabolic functions. Once the full-blown illness is on, however, a whole new spectrum emerges for treatment which is going to lay you out.
     Once illness has taken hold, rest, fluids, mucous and fever control are all added to the equation of aiding the immune system to get rid of the invading "vermin". Hence, what could have been stopped with an ounce of prevention has now spiraled into requiring a pound of cure. (As always, it is imperative to get clearance from your physician if under one's care for natural remedies. Just remember, you have a choice to interview other physicians if he or she feels the only way to stay well and fight illness comes from a synthetic chemical concoction.)
     I hope to be able to share more means to natural wellness and treatments with you in the future. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. In the meantime, I have a girl with big brown-eyes pleading for some homemade "Hungarian Sicky-soup". Sigh.

Bright Blessings and Happy Healing!!!

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