Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Changing with the Changes

Note: This is a hypothetical composite of experience that does not belong to any one specific person. Any similarities to actual situations are strictly by coincidence.

     A beautiful, middle-aged woman lies on my table waiting to be "fixed". She has chronic, shoulder trouble and hip pain. She spins like a fiend, does light to moderate weight training 6 times a week and yoga. Despite all her efforts, her postural distortion is accelerating. There is a functional "C-curve" developing in her spine because she is VERY right-side dominant. One shoulder is glaringly higher than the other, and the opposite hip has tried to compensate for the distortion. She breathes like a champ when working through myofascial release to bring her new "shoulder earring" down. She is asked if she ever considered a more balanced form of exercise without so much strain.
   "Have you considered swimming and water-aerobics?" Aw man. The water-works flow forth.
   "That is for OLD people!!!" She is, indeed, NOT "old". This especially holds true as modern medicine keeps pushing the bar of the average person's life-expectancy forward from year to year. There is a troubling problem posed by the media-driven frenzy to stay "young and beautiful", however. What do you do when the mind and spirit are willing, but the body is not? -OR- How do we align the mind, spirit and body with the changes in the seasons of our lives?
    We are each saddled with genetic blue-prints that predispose us to certain body-types; hair, skin and eye-color; certain diseases and deformations and yes, aging patterns. Employing mind over matter can overcome many of these hurdles. It is, however, imperative to RECOGNIZE our short-falls, and then work around them. This goes hand in hand with the previous post about taking responsibility to see change in one's health. We are more than a the sum of our parts.  How do you rectify this with the passage of biological time?

I am very interested in hearing what you all have to say about this. Bright Blessings in advance. :)

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