Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Mind Body Connection is For Real


     This exercise was shared with me by Tess Chiodo of Joyful Yoga to show how closely the mind is connected with the body. Enjoy! :)    

     Ok. Clear your mind chatter out for a few moments. Deeply inhale for the count of 5, hold it, and let it out for a count of 5. Clear the canvas of your mind. Picture a bright white room. There is a big, comfy, white couch and big windows with bright beautiful sunlight streaming through them. The room seems so bright that it almost seems to be glowing. In front of the big, comfy white couch is a white coffee table with a big beautifully woven basket. In the basket is a huge pile of jumbo-sized, fresh-picked lemons. The bright yellow lemons gleam in the sunlight like a match made in heaven. Approach the table and sit down on the couch.
      As you take a seat, observe the wondrous lemons in the basket before you. The fragrance from their rinds permeates the air with a fresh scent. It is a scent that it is clean and slightly pungent. Take one of the lemons out of the basket. There is a knife and cutting board on the table. Take the knife and cut straight through the wondrous fruit. Watch how the juice spills out on the cutting board before you.  Now pick up one of the halves of the fruit and look at all its intricacies.
      There are partitions that each hold pockets of juice. There are individual pockets of pulp put together delicately that each hold more juice like a puzzle. Look at how they each fit together so perfectly. Smell the fresh sweet-sour scent emanating from the fruit. Bring it close to your mouth. And now, take a big bite.

     What just happened on your face and in your mouth?

     This exercise was designed to show how very closely your mind is, indeed, connected to your body. The states of consciousness people put themselves in can have a profound effect on how the body responds. Think about that the next time pain, stress and other un-enjoyable sensations manifest in your body. What were you thinking about? What were you surrounded by? What were you feeling or thinking when the discomfort became perceived?

     More to come. :)

     Bright Blessings and Healing. You rock. :)

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