Thursday, October 17, 2013

"You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But..."


    My daughter continues to rest and battle "the plague" that manifested after it was too late to prevent it. I am happy to say she seems a lot better today. I was told by other people in the area that this particular virus was a doozy. Many took 3 weeks to recover, even while on a full arsenal of prescribed steroids and anti-biotics (which I do not understand because it is a VIRUS. That's a topic for another time, though.)
      My daughter is currently dancing about, listening to music and doing her chores. This flies in the face, of course, of her taking FULL advantage of mom's "healing" disposition which comes with a bit of spoilage. She ate up the bringing of  food, taking out her garbage, administering the right lotions, potions, oils for the job and more. There was just a little extra TLC given that she has come to expect when she falls ill. I worked my brick and mortar job last night. I am tired, for sure. After the work is done, however, her big brown eyes filled with gratitude says it all. :) Meanwhile...enter nephew.
     Now, my nephew is not a child, either. He scored his first full-time job this summer as a landscape laborer. School education with him consisted of doodling and falling asleep at the kitchen table while trying to get his school-work done. He is built like a stock horse and works just as hard. He is normally mild-mannered and even-tempered; that is, until he gets sick. He parades about thinking he is not capable of falling to the misfortune of illness, unlike his more delicate cousin; that is, until last night. Tried putting him on the same protocol that worked for my daughter. He was already stuffed up when he finally came to me. (Why are they so stubborn?) He turned his nose up at me. "I just want some cold medicine. Don't we have any cold medicine?" After a small feud, I gave him some over-the-counter antihistamines I have for when my other nephew is here as he is severely allergic to certain kinds of bug bites and stings.
     "This is all I have," I answered in resignation. He proceeded to play Mario Kart until two in the morning. He had to be up for work by five. I shook my head as he stumbled out the door to his ride picking him up. A few hours later, I got word he errantly drove an expensive lawn vehicle into a canal he was working along. Thank goodness he was not hurt, but still. A scene is recollected in my head from "That 70's Show."

     As Red so poignantly said :

   So I guess I'm making some more Hungarian Sicky Soup and busting back out the Woman of the Woods lotions, potions, oils and more. ;)

Bright Blessings to all of you. Have a happy and Healthy day. :)

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